Creating a Reason

60 % of all companies are using informal connections as a recruitment method to find new employees. It is the most popular and most used recruitment channel among Swedish companies. But developing informal connections can be hard.

How to Build Informal Connections

In particular, it can be challenging to develop informal connections to people without having a reason to connect. This week, I heard about how one of the most powerful tech investors in Sweden started his career. When he just graduated university, he started a newsletter about tech companies. He said that this was his alibi for connecting with people in the industry. He started the project because it was easier to connect with people when he had a reason to do so.

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Start a Small Project

In your job hunt, why not start doing a small project that gives you a reason to connect to people and also helps you learn about the particular industry you are in?


Why not get started this weekend?
Think about what you want to learn more about and who you want to connect to. Then start a small project that will help you get connected to people. The project can be:


a podcast

a Facebook/LinkedIn group

a book

a blog

a report

an infographic

a product

a youtube tutorial

or something else.

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Please comment here below with the project you want to start or send me an email if you want feedback on your idea.


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5 Responses to “Creating a Reason

  • Moustafa Sedick
    5 years ago

    Nice idea, but need to be more flexible to widen the network, an idea that works as excuse for connection in a wide range if fields

    • andreaswennberg
      5 years ago

      How do you mean? The above examples can’t be used in your industry?

  • helloo, myself jabir from india currently in saudi arabia am looking forward to work in sweden (malmo) i would like to get some suggestions of linkedin group that help to find a job in sweden

    4 years ago

    Hello Andreas!

    I want to start blogging. I have opened two blogging sites and will connect you when I start to blog. I want to focus on sales, customer service and Human Resources. These are my core interest. Thank you for remind me that I can do it. I know I can.


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