7 Facts That Will Help You Understand the Swedish Job Market

It is very important that you have a solid understand of how the job hunt game works. So that you can play the game effectively. In this post, I want to share some statistics that most people I meet don’t know about the job market.


58 % of all Swedish companies was looking for someone to hire in 2015, the same number for 2014 was 52 % (Svenskt Näringsliv).

This is a great reason for always connecting to companies. Even if they are not having any job ads up. Make spontaneous applications when there is no opportunity. 27 % of all companies use spontaneous applications.


51 countries in the world have a lower total annual budget than Arbetsförmedlingen’s annual budget. If Arbetsförmedlingen was a country, it would be richer than Rwanda but poorer than the Republic of Congo (source Arbetsförmedlingens budget, source GDP countries).

Despite this huge budget, Arbetsförmedlingen has a problem with helping people find jobs. Don’t rely on the government to help you find a job.


45 % of the job hunters we surveyed applied for 5 or fewer jobs per week. Apply for more jobs in a week and beat the average player.


5 % of the people that have gone through Arbetsförmedlingen’s etablering have a non-subsidized three months after they finished the program (Arbetsförmedlingens report to the government). Again, don’t rely on the government to help you.


Finishing all SFI courses increase your chances of finding a job in Sweden by 86 %. (article by the newspaper SVD). Work hard on improving your Swedish. It will be a very good investment in your future.


60 % of all Swedish companies use informal connections as a recruitment method, only 32 % use job ads. (Svenskt Näringsliv). Make sure you always work on expanding your network. Go to events, add people on LinkedIn, cold email people etc.


The least favorite recruitment channel among employers is Arbetsförmedlingen, the second least favorite recruitment channel is job ads (Svenskt Näringsliv). In short, make sure you have other strategies than just job ads and Arbetsförmedlingen.


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  • garance
    7 years ago

    Nice article Andreas… fact#2 gives me an incredible headache… i sont understand how AF is not being held more accountable for its failures, and is being allowed to continue wasting people time, energy (lets not mention the money). I wanted to point out that Mine in Malmö is doing a good job of helping newcomers that have exhausted all their options onto the job market . http://www.thenewbieguide.se/work/networkingsupport/mine/

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