7 Commonly Used Job Boards in Sweden

Before you start shooting away your CV and Cover Letter to job ads below, understand these things:

  • The 20 % of all job hunters that have high success rates spend around 1 hour per job application. If you want to have a high response rate, make sure that you spend enough time to target the application.
  • Connecting with the employer before sending your application will help you a lot.
  • Only 32 % of all employers use job ads as a recruitment strategy.

That said, here are some commonly used job boards:

1. Platsbanken (government job board with 1.5 million ads a year)

home screen of Platsbanken. Logo in the left upper corner, two search fields: one for occupation and one for location

2. The Local (English speaking ones)

The home page of thelocal.se's job board. A picture with four people sitting down and then a headline "3760 English-language jobs in Sweden" with a search bar for job title and one for location.


3. The Hub (startup jobs)

The home page of thehub.se, a picture of happy people with the text "find and connect with more than 1400+ nordic startups"

4. Angellist (startup jobs)

Home page of Angellist with a picture of the earth and then tagline: "where the world meets startups"

5. Indeed (a site that aggregates job ads)

Indeeds home page with two search fields. One for what and one for where.

6. Hyper Island (Design/development jobs but also some project management etc)

Home page of the hyper island job board. A picture of two happy people and post-its behind in pink, purple and yellow.

7. Monster (general)

the home page of Monster with search fields for occupation and location

Good luck!


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