4 Great Tools For Job Hunters

Tools can make life easier. I want to share four ones that can help you as a job hunter. These tools will help you remember that follow-up, get more responses on your emails, make it easy to meet you online and make your CV better.

1. Followupthen.com

This is a tool that I use daily. If you are having an email conversation with someone and you decide to follow up later when something is done. Like, maybe that company you are reaching out to don’t need to hire now but in a month, then you can write “1month@followupthen.com” and you will get an email in your inbox that tells you about the email so that you can follow up.

Here is a short video:

You can find their website here.

2. Appear.in

Job hunting but you are not in the same location as the company? No problem, with appear.in you can create an online meeting room that people can join without having to share Skype or Google Hangout details. This is convenient because you don’t need to share any contact details or add each other before the meeting. Also, some companies actually have firewalls that prevent Google Hangouts or their email is not connected to Google Hangouts. I find this to the best solution out there. All you have to do is to have an URL with your name like appear.in/andreaswennberg and then you share this with the employer.

You can create your own video chat room here.

3. CV templates

Time and time again, I see people not using templates for their CV. Oftentimes, the structure is messy and I think this makes a bad impression. One great place for CV templates is this site. Yes, they are very simple and minimal, but that is the point. It helps the reader focus on the important part, you. I would recommend you take one of these and stick with it. Some people ask whether you should have a picture or not. I think you should try this out. Make 20 applications with pictures and 20 without. See what happens. I have seen people being both in favor and not in favor of pictures.

4. Respondable

Do you want to increase the response rate on your emails? Respondable helps you with this. This company has analyzed millions of emails and seen what makes emails with high response rates. You can use this while writing emails in your job hunt. See more at their site or the video below.


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