Four Steps to Making Robots Love You

When you send recruiters cover letters and CVs, you have to understand they are not read by humans. Many times, robots will read the application and sometimes a human being won’t even read it. In this post, I will teach you how to write an application that makes sure that the robot loves you. So that you can get that next interview with a human being.

Are you afraid that your CV and Cover Letter are not read? That the recruiters simply just read until they find a good enough candidate and move on? Would you like more of your applications lead to an interview?

I want to tell you something that most job hunters don’t know. Some small tricks you can use in order to get recruiters to read that next application. So you can land an interview and a job.

The most important thing to understand is this:
Your application might not even be read by a human recruiter but by a robot.

Why are my applications not read?

This is how the recruitment works. The recruitment company writes a job ad and publishes it on various online job boards. You apply for a job with your CV and Cover Letter.

The recruitment company gets tons of application. For a single position, a recruitment company can get everything from 0 to thousands of applications. Everything the recruiter really wants is to find the right candidate for the job. Right?
Recruiters can find the right candidate in two ways. Either they can, with their eyes, scan all the applications that they have received. But this takes so much time and it is not doable if there are hundreds or thousands of applicants. So, recruiters use a special tool…
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That tool is called an Application Tracking System (ATS). This tool is a robot who reads all the applications that come to the recruiter and then rank all the applications for the recruiter. So instead of having a couple of hundred applications, the robot will give the recruiter a top list with all the candidates in order with the best first and then the worst match at the bottom.
Tell me this, where on that list would you like to be? On the top right?
Of course, you want to rank as high as possible on this list. Let me help you with that.

How do I make my CV and Cover Letter Robot Friendly? How do I get to the top?

The great thing, that not many job hunters know, is that you can help yourself reach the top in a very easy way. But first, let me just explain how the system works so that you understand why this is working.
The robot that the recruiters have is trained to look at the job ad and then compare KEYWORDS with your application. An example: if the job had has the keywords: “Sales, Finance, and B2B” then the robot will try to find these keywords in your CV and Cover Letter. If the robot finds all of the three keywords, then the robot will give you a 100 % match. If you only have two of the keywords, then you are a 66 % match.
Great candidates make sure that they have all the keywords in their job application. This means you have to read the job ad, find the relevant keywords, and then rewrite your Cover Letter and CV so the robot/application tracking system loves your application. In other words, it puts you at the top of the ranking.

The four key steps to make robots love your application:

1. Read the job ad
2. Write down the keywords
3. Make sure all the keywords are in your Cover Letter and CV
4. Make sure that you have proofs/validation for all these keywords in your CV and Cover Letter. Proofs and validation can be education, experience, projects, volunteer work, online courses etc.
There is actually an amazing tool for this that you can use. It is called Jobscan and it will analyze how well your application matches the job you are applying for. Check it out at
Good luck with your application!

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  • This was a really helpful read !! great article.

    • andreaswennberg
      4 years ago

      Thank you so much, Shruthi! Glad you found it helpful!

    4 years ago

    I am going to get job soon with the information and knowledge I have acquired from your articles.


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